Spotify is now free on Mobile Devices and Tablets

spotify logoI really enjoy listening to Spotify on my computer. It gives me access to a variety of songs that I wouldn’t normally have access to for free. In the past if a user wanted to listen on a mobile device they had to pay $9.99 or use a free radio. Now Spotify users can listen to their favorite music for free on mobile devices. If the user is using a tablet they can pick any song that they want to listen to. If the user is using a mobile phone they can shuffle artists, albums or songs. However, the free option does have ads. I just downloaded the app to my iPhone and Nexus 7 tablet.

Source: Spotify goes free on mobile devices



Amazon Prime taking it to the air

Recently, Amazon announced a new way to deliver products. Amazon now has the ability to deliver products to customers via drones. I am really excited about this because it will make delivery time a lot shorter. The new service is called Amazon Prime Air and it is supposed to take 30 minutes or less to deliver a package. This new service seems like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Amazon Prime Air is supposed to go live in 2015.