Apple Watch is it really innovative?

Apple Watch

Last week Apple announced their new smart watch. It looks like a very capable device. The new watch uses a digital crown to zoom up on apps and to return to the home screen. This new digital crown is supposed to revolutionize the smart watch. The Apple Watch also has a retina display. The retina display will make it easy to read text and view images. The Apple Watch also functions by connecting to a persons iPhone. This is similar to how the Moto 360 connects to a person’s Android phone.

What do I think about the Apple Watch?

I don’t think that the Apple Watch is innovative. It is similar to many of the Android watches that came out months ago. It is a beautifully designed watch. However I like the circular design of the Moto 360 better. It is interesting how the Apple Watch uses the digital crown. The digital crown is a cool feature, but I don’t think it makes the Apple Watch superior to the other smart watches. The main reason people wear a watch these days is for fashion or style. If a person wants to check the time they can just use their smartphone.

What features do I want to see in an Apple Watch?

To be truly innovative I think Apple would have had to do something revolutionary. If the Apple Watch had the ability to display holograms it would be truly different. I will not be getting a smart watch until it can do something truly innovative. The Apple Watch is not innovative! It is just a copy of Android and Galaxy smart watches. What do you think of the Apple Watch and how do you think it compares to the Moto 360?

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