Will Minecraft 2 be a Microsoft exclusive?

On Monday September 15th, 2014 Microsoft announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire Minecraft’s studio. Microsoft acquired Minecraft’s development studio for a hefty 2.5 Billion dollars. I think Microsoft made a smart decision. They now own the Minecraft franchise and I am sure they will continue to develop it.

Will Minecraft 2 be exclusive to Microsoft?

No, I don’t think that Minecraft 2 will be exclusive. Minecraft is as big as Lego’s was 20 years ago and Microsoft would be unwise to limit its growth. In Microsoft’s press release they said,”Microsoft plans to continue to make “Minecraft” available across all the platforms on which it is available today: PC, iOS, Android, Xbox and PlayStation.” This statement makes me believe that the sequel will not be exclusive.

What do I want to see in a Minecraft sequel?

I want to see updated graphics, more customization options, and an optional story or quest. I think it would be cool if Minecraft had a back story. It would be cool to connect to characters like Steve. I also want to see Minecraft on Nintendo platforms. I hope that Microsoft doesn’t stifle the growth of this series.

Source: Microsoft



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