Microsoft is skipping Windows 9

Microsoft recently announced their new operating system; it is called Windows 10. An early technical preview is currently available. The new operating system goes in a different direction than Windows 8. Windows 8 is more focused on a tablet like setting. However, Windows 10 goes back to the more traditional desktop experience.

Is Windows 10 going to be better then Windows 8?

Windows 8 is focused on a singular experience for Tablets and PC’s. Windows 10 brings back the familiar start menu from Windows 7. Windows 10 also includes multiple desktops and a new task view button to easily switch between applications. I really like how Ubuntu makes it easy to switch between desktops. Hopefully, Windows 10 makes it just as easy to switch. Windows 10 also has new snap enhancements; it is now possible to snap four applications together. It looks like Microsoft is really improving the overall Windows experience with this new update. I think Windows 10 is going to be an improvement from Windows 8.

How do I get the Technical Preview for Windows 10?

In order to get the technical preview please click here. Microsoft has made it available to the public. What do you think of Microsoft’s new operating system?

Source: Microsoft




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