The Apple Watch is Priced

Apple Watch Edition 2015

There are three different types of Apple Watches. The Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. The Apple Watch Sport is the lowest priced model. It costs between $349 and $399. The Apple Watch Sport has a variety of different bands that the consumer can choose from. The Apple Watch Edition is the highest priced model. The Apple Watch Edition lowest priced watch cost $10,000 and the highest priced watch costs $17,000. The Apple Watch is priced between $549 and $1,099.

I think that the Apple Watch Sport is overpriced considering the price of a new iPhone. I think that the lowest Apple Watch should cost $200. That would be a more reasonable asking price. It is interesting to see all the different models that Apple is coming out with. Will you be getting the Apple Watch and what do you think of the pricing?

Source: Apple



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