Nintendo Teaming up with DeNA to go Mobile

Nintendo recently announced that it will be creating mobile games for smartphones. Nintendo will be partnering up with DeNA to create these new experiences. It is going to be different to see Nintendo Franchises on mobile devices. However, Nintendo is not giving up on their core business. Iwata announced that Nintendo is working on new hardware codenamed NX. I think it is going to be the next generation home console and I hope it is powerful.

Is going mobile a mistake for Nintendo?

It is definitely surprising to see Nintendo go this route since they were so against it in the past. I actually think that it is a good idea for them to go mobile. It will get the word out about different Nintendo Franchises. I also think that it will help keep Nintendo’s profits up as they transition to the NX. I hope that going mobile brings a new awareness to Nintendo.

What Nintendo games would work well on mobile?

I think that the WarioWare games would be fantastic on mobile. The games are quick and quirky, and I think that makes it a perfect fit for mobile. I also remember playing WarioWare Twisted on the Gameboy Advanced and it had really good motion controls. Nintendo also stated that they would not remake old games. They want to focus on the hardware that they are developing for. Nintendo is a smart company and I can’t wait to see what they do to shake up the mobile space. They did start the revolution of handheld gaming.

Source: IGN



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