Starwars Battlefront Dog Fights

During Gamescom 2015, EA revealed that Starwars Battlefront would have epic sky battles. It is not the same as space battles but I do think it is very similar. I think that this was the biggest announcement during Gamescom this year. Some of the ships that were shown off in the trailer include the X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Interceptors, and the A-Wing. They also revealed two special ships, the Millennium Falcon and the Slave 1. I really like how EA is slowly rolling out new details about this game. They aren’t forcing everything at once.

I can’t wait to try out the new sky battles in Battlefront. The sky battle in the trailer is taking place over Sullust. Sullust has never been seen before this game; it was briefly mentioned in Starwars Episode 6. My favorite scene in the trailer is when the Millennium Falcon destroys the Imperial transport. What do you think about sky battles in the new Starwars Battlefront?



Windows 10 is Fighting Piracy

Microsoft recently updated it’s End User License Agreement. The update gives Microsoft the ability to remotely disable pirated software on a Windows 10 computer. However, it looks like this just applies to Windows Store and Xbox Live content. The user agreement states that Microsoft can scan a users computer for pirated games and software. It is good that Microsoft is cracking down on piracy. Windows 10 forces users to download updates. This makes the user follow the End User Agreement. In past versions of Windows there was an option to disable updates. What do you think about Microsoft going after pirates?

Source: Windows Central