iPad Air coming in November

Apple held a press conference earlier today that detailed the release of a new iPad called the iPad Air. It is supposed to be 20 percent thinner and 28 percent lighter. It also has an Apple A7 processor chip and it runs at 64 bits. The iPad Air has a 9.7 inch display and it comes in two colors, space gray or silver. I have never owned an iPad before, but this new product looks really tempting. I can’t wait to try one out when they come to local stores. The iPad Air will be released on November 1st. It will come in four sizes 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Will you be getting an iPad Air?


Kindle Fire HDX (7 inch model)

Amazon recently released their new version of the Kindle Fire.  It is called the Kindle Fire HDX. This new tablet really improves upon last years model of the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire HDX (7inch model) has a quad-core processor with 2.2 GHz. It also has a resolution of 1920×1200 and it has dual stereo speakers with a built in microphone. The resolution is uncommonly high for a seven inch tablet. I believe that the Kindle Fire HDX can really compete with the Nexus Tablet and the iPad Mini. The 16GB version of the Kindle Fire HDX costs $229. The 32GB version costs $269 and the 64GB version costs $309. The Kindle Fire HDX also includes a new feature called the Mayday Button; the Mayday Button allows the user to have instant access to tech support.


Playstation Vita Review

The PS Vita is a top tier handheld system. I would even dare to say that it is the best handheld system we have seen so far. The graphics are amazing and it feels like I am playing a home console when I pick up my Vita. I picked up my Playstation Vita at Gamestop for $199. It came with a digital copy of  the Walking Dead, a 4 gig memory card and 3g capabilities. I wish they included a case, but we will get into that later. Overall I’ve had a positive experience with my Vita.

What I like about the PS Vita

I love how the games look with the oled screen; they look just as good as some of my Xbox 360 games. I am currently playing Rayman Legends on my Vita and I really like how the game uses the touch screen. The touch screen works just as good as an iPhone screen.  It is very responsive. The Playstation Vita also has two joysticks on it. This is a big improvement over the PSP; the PSP only had one joystick. I also like how the Vita can play PS3 games like Playstation All Stars and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. I am really enjoying Playstation All Stars; I never owned a Playstation 3 so I couldn’t play the game before.

What I don’t like about the PS Vita

I don’t like the proprietary memory cards. They are way too expensive and they hardly hold any games. I currently own two memory cards a 4GB memory card and an 8GB memory card. If you want to get a 32GB memory card it will cost you $73 on amazon. If you want to get a 16GB memory card it will cost you $39 and an 8GB memory card will cost you $20 on amazon. I hope that Sony lowers the cost of these memory cards in the future. I also don’t like the rear touch pad on the Playstation Vita. It scratches way too easily; if you get a playstation Vita do not put it on a hard surface. The day after I got my Vita I noticed a huge scratch on the back of the system. It would have been nice if Sony included a few bumpers on the back.

Final Verdict

The Playstation Vita has a very nice oled screen and touchpad. I like how the system has two joysticks and I also like how the system can play select Playstation 3 games. I don’t care for the proprietary memory cards; I wish Sony used regular SD cards. I also dislike the rear touch pad on the Vita, it scratches way to easily. The Playstation Vita does have some downfalls; however, it is a really powerful and capable system.



iPhone 5C a New Color


Apple is releasing two new phones this fall; they are releasing the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.  The iPhone 5C is the lower end model and it is replacing the iPhone 5.  It uses a plastic casing and comes in multiple colors.  The iPhone 5C comes in five different colors; they are white, pink, yellow, blue, and green.  I think it’s really cool that Apple is letting you choose between several different colors.  This is something that they should have considered a few years ago.  I really like how the blue model looks.  The iPhone 5C is coming out on September 20, 2013.  There is a 16gb version for $99 and a 32gb version for $199.  What color iPhone do you think looks the best?

Source: Apple

Xbox One Release Date


Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFireMicrosoft revealed that the Xbox One will come out on November 22, 2013.  It comes out seven days after the PS4 comes out.  I don’t think this puts Microsoft at a disadvantage.  The Xbox One is a really powerful system.  It has an 8-core x86 processor, 8GB of ram, a 500GB hard drive and a blue ray player.  It is also said to be an all around media player with a variety of applications such as Skype.  Some of the games that are coming out on the Xbox One include Forza 5, Titanfall, Halo, Call of Duty Ghosts, Deadrising 3 and Destiny.  The PS4 and Xbox One are both very powerful systems.  However, they lack a strong lineup of exclusives; it will be interesting to see how both consoles do in the long run.  Are you going to pick up an Xbox One on day one?

Source: Xbox One Site

Nintendo 2DS and Wii U Price Cut


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This week Nintendo Announced a new Nintendo DS system and they announced a Wii U price cut.  The new Nintendo DS is called the Nintendo 2DS and it is coming out on October 12, 2013.   The system is going to cost $129.99.  It is supposed to be for the younger audience because it doesn’t have 3d capabilities.  However, it can still play all the Nintendo 3DS games.  It also has a new design; the new Nintendo 2DS is a slab that doesn’t open or close.  I don’t care for the design at all.  It looks really uncomfortable to hold and it doesn’t seem very portable.  The original Nintendo DS was a lot more portable, you could close it up and put it in your pocket.  What do you think of the new Nintendo 2DS?

The Wii U is also getting a significant price cut.  The Wii U Deluxe model is getting a fifty dollar price cut.  On September 20, 2013 the Wii U Deluxe model will cost $299.99.  This is a step in the right direction for Nintendo and the Wii U.  I think the Wii U is a great console, however the lack of games and the high price have been a struggle.  Nintendo also announced the Wind Waker HD bundle.  It will retail at $299.99 and it will include the new Wind Waker game.  Will you be picking up a Wii U this fall?  If I didn’t already have one I might consider purchasing this bundle.

Source: Nintendo

PS4 Release Date


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The release date for the Playstation 4 is November 15, 2013 in the United States and Canada.  It is also coming out in Europe on November 29, 2013.  It is going to be a very powerful and exciting next generation system.  It is going to have 8GB of ram, a single chip custom processor (AMD) and a built in hard drive.  It is also going to have a optical drive that reads Blue Ray and DVD discs.  The PS4 will set you back $399 if you decide to pick it up on launch.  Some of the games that are coming out for Playstation 4 include Killzone Shadow Fall, Destiny, Infamous Second Son and Battlefield 4.  Are you going to pick up a PS4 on launch day?

Source: Sony

iPhone 5S Rumors


Apple is due to release a new iPhone; last year they released the iPhone 5 on September 12th.  It is rumored that Apple will release a new iPhone on September 10th.  It is also rumored that Apple will release a cheaper plastic iPhone.  I wonder what new technology this device will have in it.  I hope that they make the design more compact and lighter.

iPhone 5 Review


iphone 5

I recently upgraded to a smartphone; I know I’m a little bit behind. I always wanted a smartphone but I could never justify the price. However, with the new iPhone 5 I couldn’t resist the urge to get a smartphone. The iPhone 5 is a great piece of technology, and I will give you my thoughts on this new device.

What I like about the iPhone 5

I love how fast the new iPhone is; it takes very little time to switch between applications and run graphic intensive applications. I also own an iPod Touch (4th generation), and you can notice the difference in speed. The iPhone 5 is also a great device to watch Netflix, and YouTube. The videos load quickly and run smoothly. I often prefer to use my iPhone over my computer and tablet because it is so accessible. The iPhone 5 has an A6 processor with three GPU cores; it is a very fast device. Another great feature on the iPhone 5 is the 8-megapixel camera. It takes great videos, and pictures. The iPhone records video at 1080p, and it looks incredible.

What I don’t like about the iPhone 5

One of the biggest issues I have with the iPhone 5 is that the battery dies way too quickly. This device can barely hold a charge. I usually have to charge it a couple of times throughout the day. However, on a positive note the lightning cable provides a really fast charge. I also don’t like the size of the new iPhone; it is way too tall. I wish that it were the size of my iPod Touch. They need to stop making cell phones so massive and bulky. If they keep increasing the size of these smartphones they are going to be as big as a 7-inch tablet.

Overall I think that the iPhone 5 was a great purchase; it is very fast and easy to use. Hopefully the next iteration has a battery that lasts longer. I give the iPhone 5 an 8.5 out of 10. What do you think about the iPhone 5?


Quick Update


I have a several reviews planned for the near future.  I am going to review the new Ouya that I purchased recently.  I also got the iPhone 5 a couple of months back and I plan to review that as well.  I also plan to discuss the Raspberry Pi; it is a pocket-size computer that can do a lot of cool things.  It can run applications like XMBC, a media application for listening to music, watching movies, and looking at pictures.  The Raspberry Pi can also run its own operating system called Raspian.  Stay tuned to Mattina Technology for future updates and email any questions to mattinatechnology@gmail.com.  Thank you!

Ouya Unboxing


Ouya Unboxing Video

This morning I went to Best Buy around 10:30; I decided I was going to pick up the new Android gaming system called Ouya.  When I went to the video game section at Best Buy I couldn’t find the Ouya.  I proceeded to ask one of the representatives about it.  He lead me to the very back of the video game section; the Ouya was hidden from plain site.  It was the last Ouya on the shelf; I considered myself lucky and I asked the representative how many Ouya’s Best Buy had received.  He told me that Best Buy had received four and two of them were preorders.  I couldn’t believe it, there is no reason to hype a video game release just to make something seem more popular then it really is.  The main purpose should be to sell as many consoles as you possibly can.  In the future video game companies need to work better with their manufacturers to increase production.

iOS 7 Coming this Fall


The Apple iPhone is getting a new look and feel this fall.  It is called iOS 7 and it is a major update to the current operating system on the iPhone.  Apple is changing the design of their  icons and adding some key new features.  Apple is adding a control center; the control center allows the user to access their settings with just a swipe.  Another new feature is the ability to add filters to your photos.  Some of the filters that will be available include Noir, Fade and Instant.  Apple is also changing how multitasking and notifications function.  If you want to try out a demo of iOS 7 click here.

iOS 7 First Look

What am I looking forward to in Apple’s new update?

I am looking forward to the new control center that Apple is adding.  It used to be a pain to change the Brightness and the WiFi.  It used to be a three step process and now it is only a one step process.  I am really excited about the control center in iOS 7.

What looks disappointing in the new operating system?

The design of the icons is a let down; it looks like these icons came out of a cartoon.  They also look overly simple and lame.  For example the new Game Center Application is literately four circles; it just isn’t very inspiring or innovative.  However, I care more about the features and the new features look to make up for the lack of design.

Source: Apple