Roku Smart TV

Roku introduced their first ever Smart TV at CES 2014. The interface is similar to the Roku set top box but also features input buttons for Blue Ray players and Cable TV. When the user first boots up the Roku Smart TV they will see a home menu where the user can access their favorite applications such as Netflix. The Roku TV will come out later this year and it will ship in 32 inches and 52 inches. I think Roku has an advantage over other Smart TV’s because of the Roku set top box. They already have an established TV product that has done well.

Source: Roku Blog



Toyota iRoad


Toyota showed off their new iRoad car at CES 2014. It looks very futuristic and it only has three wheels total. I really like the futuristic look and I also like how it tilts when it is turning. Unfortunately the Toyota iRoad isn’t coming to the United States anytime soon. It is set to be released in Japan and France. The Toyota iRoad gets about 30 miles before it needs to be recharged. If it came to the United States I would definitely take a look at it. What do you think of this futuristic car and would you buy one?


Thirteen Steam Machines Revealed at CES

It looks like there are going to be a lot of Steam Machines in 2014. Thirteen different companies are releasing Steam Machines in 2014. The Steam Machine is a computer that uses the Steam OS to play Video Games. I think there should be five central Steam Machines instead of thirteen. I believe that having too many Steam Machines will confuse the consumer.

Every Steam Machine is different and each Steam Machine has different specifications. Each Steam Machine will come with the unique Steam controller. The thirteen Steam Machines were revealed at CES on January 6th, 2014. Some of the new Steam Machines include Alienware’s Steam Machine, iBuyPower’s SBX and the CyberPowerPc Steam Machine.


Spotify is now free on Mobile Devices and Tablets

spotify logoI really enjoy listening to Spotify on my computer. It gives me access to a variety of songs that I wouldn’t normally have access to for free. In the past if a user wanted to listen on a mobile device they had to pay $9.99 or use a free radio. Now Spotify users can listen to their favorite music for free on mobile devices. If the user is using a tablet they can pick any song that they want to listen to. If the user is using a mobile phone they can shuffle artists, albums or songs. However, the free option does have ads. I just downloaded the app to my iPhone and Nexus 7 tablet.

Source: Spotify goes free on mobile devices


Blockbuster is Finished

Today the parent company of Blockbuster announced that the remaining Blockbuster stores would be shutdown by January 2014. Blockbuster will also shutdown their mail service in December 2013. It looks like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu all drove Blockbuster out of business. I knew it would only be a matter of time. I used to shop at Blockbuster all the time when I was younger. However the stores in my area shutdown a few years ago. It will be sad to see Blockbuster go, I can still remember going there every Friday to pick movies out.