Ouya Unboxing


Ouya Unboxing Video

This morning I went to Best Buy around 10:30; I decided I was going to pick up the new Android gaming system called Ouya.  When I went to the video game section at Best Buy I couldn’t find the Ouya.  I proceeded to ask one of the representatives about it.  He lead me to the very back of the video game section; the Ouya was hidden from plain site.  It was the last Ouya on the shelf; I considered myself lucky and I asked the representative how many Ouya’s Best Buy had received.  He told me that Best Buy had received four and two of them were preorders.  I couldn’t believe it, there is no reason to hype a video game release just to make something seem more popular then it really is.  The main purpose should be to sell as many consoles as you possibly can.  In the future video game companies need to work better with their manufacturers to increase production.