The Apple Watch is Priced

Apple Watch Edition 2015

There are three different types of Apple Watches. The Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. The Apple Watch Sport is the lowest priced model. It costs between $349 and $399. The Apple Watch Sport has a variety of different bands that the consumer can choose from. The Apple Watch Edition is the highest priced model. The Apple Watch Edition lowest priced watch cost $10,000 and the highest priced watch costs $17,000. The Apple Watch is priced between $549 and $1,099.

I think that the Apple Watch Sport is overpriced considering the price of a new iPhone. I think that the lowest Apple Watch should cost $200. That would be a more reasonable asking price. It is interesting to see all the different models that Apple is coming out with. Will you be getting the Apple Watch and what do you think of the pricing?

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Apple Watch is it really innovative?

Apple Watch

Last week Apple announced their new smart watch. It looks like a very capable device. The new watch uses a digital crown to zoom up on apps and to return to the home screen. This new digital crown is supposed to revolutionize the smart watch. The Apple Watch also has a retina display. The retina display will make it easy to read text and view images. The Apple Watch also functions by connecting to a persons iPhone. This is similar to how the Moto 360 connects to a person’s Android phone.

What do I think about the Apple Watch?

I don’t think that the Apple Watch is innovative. It is similar to many of the Android watches that came out months ago. It is a beautifully designed watch. However I like the circular design of the Moto 360 better. It is interesting how the Apple Watch uses the digital crown. The digital crown is a cool feature, but I don’t think it makes the Apple Watch superior to the other smart watches. The main reason people wear a watch these days is for fashion or style. If a person wants to check the time they can just use their smartphone.

What features do I want to see in an Apple Watch?

To be truly innovative I think Apple would have had to do something revolutionary. If the Apple Watch had the ability to display holograms it would be truly different. I will not be getting a smart watch until it can do something truly innovative. The Apple Watch is not innovative! It is just a copy of Android and Galaxy smart watches. What do you think of the Apple Watch and how do you think it compares to the Moto 360?

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