Would you wear Google Glasses?


Google Glass is a revolutionary new product that allows individuals to do a number of tasks that normally require a smart phone to do.  It is essentially a pair of glasses that you wear to take videos, snap pictures, get directions and ask questions.  If it catches on it would change the way that humans interact on a daily basis.  These glasses feel like they were taken right out of a spy movie.  They are even being banned in certain building, including restaurants and bars.  This is because of privacy; privacy will be a hurdle for Google and their new product.

Will the average consumer buy Google Glasses?

It depends on the final price, the final design and on how much they promote the product.  I think that the average consumer would buy this product if the price is between 300 and 500 dollars.  However the test units are selling for 1500 dollars; I don’t think the average consumer is willing to pay 1500 dollars for a pair of smart glasses.  I do think there is a market for this product even if the average consumer doesn’t buy it.  I believe that technology and gadget enthusiast will buy this product.

Will I purchase the Google Glasses?

Yes, if I have the money I will purchase the Google Glasses when they are released to the general public.  I think the ability to take videos and pictures of what the user is seeing is really cool and different.  I hope that they make a model that doesn’t require a contract because I am not willing to pay for data.  I  also hope the glasses have the ability to sync with your smartphone.  Google Glass will change the way that individuals see the world.

Sources: Google GlassGoogle Glass distribution begins June 6th in Los Angeles, $1500 price