OS X Mavericks

osx mavericks

On October 22, 2013 Apple released a new operating system for the Mac. ┬áIt is called OS X Mavericks and it is a free operating system. The new operating system now includes Maps and iBooks. These are the two most obvious changes and I noticed them right away when I updated my iMac. It seems like Apple is trying to make one operating system for their tablets, phones and computers. This is similar to what Microsoft did when they released Windows 8. The new operating system also includes finder tags and finder tabs, which makes organizing your data a lot easier. It also includes a new version of Safari and more interactive notifications. Everything seems very snappy and is still familiar. I like the new update so far and can’t wait to see what Apple has planned for the future. In order to update your Mac just open the App Store and click download where it says OS X Mavericks.