Nintendo Direct Updates November 2015

Nintendo had a lot of news to share on Thursday. They announced several new games and concepts. Cloud from Final Fantasy is coming to Super Smash. The original Pokemon games are coming to the 3DS virtual console and Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is being released next year.

Nintendo also announced that a new Super Smash direct would be coming in December. It is great that they keep adding to the expansive game. It is interesting to see Nintendo put Cloud in the game considering he comes from Final Fantasy. Nintendo did not reveal that this character was from the smash ballot. What do you think about Cloud being in Super Smash?

It is awesome that Nintendo is re-releasing the original Pokemon games that I grew up with. They also revealed a Pokemon Picross game and they announced Shadow Mewtwo in Pokken Tournament. I can’t wait to play the two Pokemon games that got me interested in gaming.

Nintendo also revealed that Zelda Wii U is still coming out in 2016. They really like to make Zelda remakes; it looks like Zelda: Twilight Princess will be re-released in 2016. I wish Nintendo would remake other games, for example, Mario Sunshine. What do you think of all this Zelda news? Nintendo had several other announcements and updates in the Nintendo Direct. It is great to see Nintendo get back on track, and it will be interesting to see what they do with the NX.



Super Smash for Wii U Review

Nintendo is well known for two multiplayer games that come out every generation. These two games are Super Smash and Mario Kart. What makes these games special? Is it the characters, the customization, the courses, or is it the joy that comes from defeating your friends? I would argue that it is a combination of these things.

Super Smash is Nintendo’s staple fighting game and the hype behind it is real. I first played Super Smash on the N64, and it was truly the first game I fell in love with. Super Smash for Wii U builds upon the previous Smash games. It takes the best characters and stages from Smash 64, Melee and Brawl.

The game also brings in some new characters and stages. Super Smash Bros for Wii U is the first game to include Pac-man, Mega Man, Bowser Jr., Rosalina, and Villager from Animal Crossing. The game also introduces several other new characters from Nintendo’s archives. Some of the new stages include Mario Galaxy, Coliseum and Skyloft. These new characters and stages really add a lot of variety to the game.

My favorite character is Roy; he returns from Super Smash Bros Melee. I really like his speed and his fiery attacks. The cool thing about Roy is that he was released as DLC. This opens the possibility for future DLC characters and stages. So far, Nintendo has released four DLC characters and three DLC stages. The characters that they have released include Roy, Lucas, Mewtwo and Ryu from Capcom. I want King Boo from Super Mario to be in the game!

The latest Smash Bros is the first game in the series to be released in High Definition. It looks amazing, and it really brings Nintendo’s history into focus. The game has great characters, a lot of customization and incredible stages. Every time I defeat one of my friends in Super Smash it brings me back to my childhood. This game makes owning a Wii U totally worth it. I strongly recommend Super Smash for Wii U.



Lucas Joins Super Smash on June 14th

Nintendo of America revealed the release date of the new character, Lucas. Lucas will be coming to Super Smash Wii U and 3DS on June 14th. He is the second Earthbound character to join Super Smash Wii U and 3DS. Lucas was in Super Smash Bros Brawl and it will be cool to see him return.  He will be paid DLC and he will cost $4.99 to own in both games. Will you be getting Lucas when he comes out on June 14th?

Source: Nintendo’s Twitter


Unboxing Super Smash for Wii U

Super Smash for Wii U came out back in November. I purchased the game a day before it came out and I finally uploaded the epic unboxing. In the video, I also unbox a Marth amiibo, one of the NFC figures that Nintendo released. I will continue to release Super Smash Bros videos, so be on the lookout.


3 New Character Revealed for Super Smash

Today Nintendo Revealed three new characters for Super Smash. They revealed Robin and Lucina from Fire Emblem. They also revealed that Captain Falcon would be returning with his Falcon Punch attack. I didn’t expect them to reveal new characters from the Fire Emblem series. I thought that they were going to reveal Rayman from the Raving Rabbids game, because of a recent post on the Super Smash site. I really like the new reveals but I am still waiting for them to reveal Ness and the Ice Climbers. Which new character reveal do you like the most? I think that Robin looks pretty cool because of his unique attacks.


Nintendo Direct Introduces Little Mac

Nintendo recently held a Nintendo Direct. During the direct they announced some key release dates for Wii U and 3DS games. They also announced that Little Mac would be a playable character in the upcoming Super Smash game. Little Mac is from the Punch Out games. The Punch Out games are fighting games so I am not surprised to see Little Mac in Super Smash. Super Smash will be coming out in 2014.

Nintendo revealed that Mario Kart 8 is coming out on May 30th, 2014. They also announced that Gameboy Advanced games would be coming to the Wii U virtual console in April. Some of the games that are coming include Metroid Fusion, Mario and Lugi: Superstar Saga and Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advanced 3. I find it interesting that Nintendo is releasing these games on the Wii U. They should be coming to the Nintendo 3DS because they are handheld titles. Nintendo also told us that NES Remix 2 will be released on April 25th. NES Remix 2 is a collection of NES mini games.

Nintendo is also releasing Yoshi’s New Island on March 14th, Kirby Triple Deluxe on May 2nd and Mario Golf: World Tour on May 2nd of 2014. I am excited to see how the first true sequel of Yoshi’s Island turns out. I hope it lives up to the original Yoshi’s Island because that was one of my favorite games on GBA. Overall I think Nintendo had a successful Nintendo Direct; I can’t wait to see what they have planned for E3 this year.

Source: Nintendo