Playstation 4 sales surpass 6 Million Units

The Playstation 4 is doing extremely well; as of March 5th, 2014 the system sold over 6 million units. I think that the Playstation 4 could have more success then the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3. Software sales for the PS4 have also reached 13.7 million. I really like how Sony is focusing on the core gamer with the PS4. Microsoft is to focused on an overall media center with the Xbox One. I think it is hurting the Xbox brand.

Source: Playstation



Blockbuster is Finished

Today the parent company of Blockbuster announced that the remaining Blockbuster stores would be shutdown by January 2014. Blockbuster will also shutdown their mail service in December 2013. It looks like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu all drove Blockbuster out of business. I knew it would only be a matter of time. I used to shop at Blockbuster all the time when I was younger. However the stores in my area shutdown a few years ago. It will be sad to see Blockbuster go, I can still remember going there every Friday to pick movies out.


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