Windows 10 First Impressions

windows 10

I downloaded Windows 10 yesterday, and so far I like the experience. Yesterday, July 29th, was the first day that Windows 10 was officially released to the public. Windows 10 feels a lot more like Windows 7 and a lot less like Windows 8. I really like the appearance of Windows 10. It has a black task bar on the bottom and this task bar includes the start menu, a search bar, a task view button, applications and some notifications. It also includes the time and a desktop button. The new search bar and task view button are very useful. The task view button allows the user to easily switch between Windows, and the search bar makes it a lot easier for the user to find what they are looking for.

Microsoft also released a new web browser called Microsoft Edge; it is very fast compared to Internet Explorer, and I think Microsoft is going in the right direction with the new browser. I also got to try out the new Xbox app and it worked well. The new Xbox app allows users to stream Xbox One games to the computer. This is probably my favorite feature so far in Windows 10. It was a little bit laggy but the games are still playable. The Xbox One is hooked up via Wireless; I bet it would be less laggy if it was hooked up via Ethernet.

The only concern I had was downloading apps off of the Windows store. It wasn’t working for me at first, but once I installed some updates it worked fine. Windows 10 has been a great experience so far, and I can’t wait to see how they continue to tweak and improve it.



Microsoft is skipping Windows 9

Microsoft recently announced their new operating system; it is called Windows 10. An early technical preview is currently available. The new operating system goes in a different direction than Windows 8. Windows 8 is more focused on a tablet like setting. However, Windows 10 goes back to the more traditional desktop experience.

Is Windows 10 going to be better then Windows 8?

Windows 8 is focused on a singular experience for Tablets and PC’s. Windows 10 brings back the familiar start menu from Windows 7. Windows 10 also includes multiple desktops and a new task view button to easily switch between applications. I really like how Ubuntu makes it easy to switch between desktops. Hopefully, Windows 10 makes it just as easy to switch. Windows 10 also has new snap enhancements; it is now possible to snap four applications together. It looks like Microsoft is really improving the overall Windows experience with this new update. I think Windows 10 is going to be an improvement from Windows 8.

How do I get the Technical Preview for Windows 10?

In order to get the technical preview please click here. Microsoft has made it available to the public. What do you think of Microsoft’s new operating system?

Source: Microsoft