iOS 7 Coming this Fall


The Apple iPhone is getting a new look and feel this fall.  It is called iOS 7 and it is a major update to the current operating system on the iPhone.  Apple is changing the design of their  icons and adding some key new features.  Apple is adding a control center; the control center allows the user to access their settings with just a swipe.  Another new feature is the ability to add filters to your photos.  Some of the filters that will be available include Noir, Fade and Instant.  Apple is also changing how multitasking and notifications function.  If you want to try out a demo of iOS 7 click here.

iOS 7 First Look

What am I looking forward to in Apple’s new update?

I am looking forward to the new control center that Apple is adding.  It used to be a pain to change the Brightness and the WiFi.  It used to be a three step process and now it is only a one step process.  I am really excited about the control center in iOS 7.

What looks disappointing in the new operating system?

The design of the icons is a let down; it looks like these icons came out of a cartoon.  They also look overly simple and lame.  For example the new Game Center Application is literately four circles; it just isn’t very inspiring or innovative.  However, I care more about the features and the new features look to make up for the lack of design.

Source: Apple


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